Green Finance for Developing Countries



  • Green Finance for Developing Countries

    Date: 15-Jul-2016

    This report outlines key concerns and needs of developing countries in relation to green finance, particularly focusing on developing countries that are not members of the G20. It also highlights emerging innovations, drawing in particular from engagement with practitioners and regulators from Bangladesh, Colombia, Egypt, Honduras, Jordan, Kenya, Mauritius, Mongolia, Morocco, Nigeria, the Philippines, Thailand

  • Colombia Country Report

    Date: 15-Jun-2015

    This paper explores the state of green finance in Colombia within the wider economic and financial sector context, and identifies challenges and potential solutions that would enhance the application of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria in the financial sector decision-making process and mobilize more investments for the transition toward a green economy. It highlights

Colombia is one of the most dynamic emerging economies and has consistently improved its economic development indicators. The Colombian Government has implemented regulatory,operational and public investment and incentive programmes for green growth. Commercial and development banks have adopted international green standards, but the development of green finance remains at an early stage. A new code of practice, the “Código País” has been developed, becoming a useful tool to strengthen risk analysis. However sustainability risks such as stranded assets risk, climate risks, and social risks are not yet integrated.

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