Africa Briefing
Aligning Africa's Financial System with Sustainable Development

Country Paper

Authors: UNEP Inquiry   

Published By: UNEP Inquiry   

Date: Mar 2015

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Africa Briefing

While Africa’s financial system has developed rapidly, it can often seem disconnected from the continent’s financing needs for sustainable development.

This report, which was developed by the Inquiry for the 2015 Conference of Ministers of the Economy and Finance in Addis Ababa, draws on international experience from Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa and the US. It highlights a number of interventions that could be usefully adapted and deployed in Africa:

  • Green and inclusive credit guidelines and incentives
  • Green bonds
  • Extended fiduciary duty
  • Sustainable stock exchanges
  • Greening foreign direct investment frameworks
  • Lender and investor liability


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